Collaborate4 “Micro Narratives”


In a span of less than five months, Lands & Lines grew from an idea into an exhibition of more than a hundred artworks by Nur Balkır Kuru, Umut Demirgüç Thurman, James Thurman, and Ayşegül Türemen. Four artists, with talents and experiences encompassing enameling, jewelry-making, metalsmithing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture, built upon their friendships and respect of each other’s creative work to forge new collaborative bonds. The resulting artworks were made both individually as well as by two, three, or all four members. The excitement from the unforeseen and unexpected results have invigorated everyone involved and produced playful and dynamic artworks.

The title and theme, Lands & Lines, comes from the common aesthetic ground shared by all four artists’ work, as well as reference to their varied cultural backgrounds as American and Turkish. Within both the individually-made artworks and collaborative works, there is an ongoing exploration of the relationship of linear elements as well as actual and metaphoric lands. This natural overlap facilitated a harmonious collaborative exchange and coherence throughout the bodies of work.

The first exhibition of Lanes & Lines was in May 2013 at Ayşe Takı Galerisi in Istanbul, Turkey. When installing the exhibition, it was the first time all four artists had seen all of the resulting pieces gathered together. This exhibition was not only an opportunity to share the work with the public but for the collaborators to evaluate and reflect together.

After the initial experience with Lands & Lines, Nur, Umut, James, and Ayşegül continue to brainstorm, design, plan, and make new work together while maintaining their own individual studio practice. The ongoing benefits of the collaboration continue to manifest themselves in the evolution of their artworks, both individually and collectively. Because the collaboration continues to be so fruitful, they have officially formed Collaborate4, the name of their collective efforts. Collaborate4 will be continuing to share their work with the public through exhibitions in Turkey, Europe, and America, as well as online